Friday, February 12, 2021

High School Sports Fall 2020 Video Links


Filmed games on my Canon XHA1 HD Camera and then edited the highlights on Adobe Premiere Pro.

August 27th: Gilmour Academy vs. Perry Soccer 

August 28th: Riverside vs. South Football 

September 4th: Conneaut vs. West Geauga Football

September 11th: Edgewood vs. Grand Valley Football

September 18th: Pymatuning Valley vs. Fairport Harding Football

September 22nd: Harvey vs. West Geauga Soccer

September 25th: Mathews at Pymatuning Valley Football

October 8th: Berkshire vs. Grand Valley Soccer

October 9th: Geneva vs. Harvey Football

October 16th: Riverside vs. Boardman Football

October 21st: Geneva vs. McKinley Volleyball

October 24th: Chardon vs. Geneva Football

October 31st: Wickliffe vs. Norwayne Football 

November 6th: Chardon vs. Canfield Football 


Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

High School Sports Fall 2020 Video Links


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