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Currently I run daily a Twitter (, Instagram (, Facebook Fan Page (, and even a TikTok for my one website (

That website is for a professional team. That professional team doesn't have an official TikTok yet but try to stay ahead of curve on as have been behind in the past.

I could run similar for your business and etc. at some weekly, monthly rate.

Other Pages:

Our goal is to be an entire media department for local businesses. We can make videos, put them on 

YouTube or Vimeo for you. Then place these videos on the website we have created. Also, we can create social media and run that for your business or personal endeavor (Twitter, Instagram, and etc.) . In addition can run a Facebook page for your business or personal endeavor. 

This turns three departments into one for you. You don't have to call someone to make a website... Someone else to make a video... Someone close to your business, such as a family friend to always run your social media... We'll run it all and we can work on a fair monthly price. Or a one time price. 

Or we can make a one time website and then can hand it over with easy instructions on how to run the website with Microsoft Word ease. 

CALL US at 814-573-1337.
Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski

Social Media

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