Can do a video (a professional edit alone or film and a professional edit), website, or blog for a small fee. 

$30-$300 usually. 

The more manhours, the higher it goes. If it's running social media for a business that $30-$300 would just be monthly to maintain monthly. 

Shoot me an email or a text 1-814-573-1337 with what you want and what price you are looking for. And I'll either accept that or shoot you a reasonable counter offer. Think like American Pickers. 😅

I'm setup on:

Venmo — The Street Dog Coalition 

Square's Cash App details how to use its direct deposit feature to ...

Why PayPal better than Western Union? | Need Magazine and Paypal.

Or whatever payment method is comfortable for you which we can discuss beforehand.

Posted By: Ryan Kozlowski


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